Our culture

  • Core concept

    1.Purpose: to create benefits for our staff, to go after development for our enterprise, to be responsible for society.

    2.Effort: being firm and indomitable, being excellent and confident and stronger ,to bravely create first class in the world.

    3.Target: create first-class new enterprise, build hundred years brand.

    4.Prospect: based on china, go toward world.

    5.Core value: CT rely on employee to develop, and employee depend on CT to survive.

    6.being dedicated and consistent.

    7.Morality: keep promise solemnly.

  • General faith

    1.Business concept: integrity, innovation, qualified service, mutual win

    2.Market concept: opportunity is forever-existed, but the most important is to grasp it.

    3.Developing concept: innovation, high-quality, responsibility, service

    4.Group concept: harmony, comprehensiveness, responsibility, and mutual progress

    5.Development of new product concept: we have products that others don’t, we must develop new products in the first place, we must have high quality products than others, we must have refined products than others.

    6.Quality concept: every staff develop products with high quality,and every product is refined one.

    7.Employee concept: the one with both ability and morality will be promoted, we will cultivate the one with morality but without ability, we will limit the one with ability but without morality, we will reject firmly the one without ability and morality.

  • General faith

    8.Safety concept: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment.

    9.Learning concept: knowledge changes fate, and achievements pave the way for the future

    10.Management concept: everything is in order and in balanced

    11.Innovation concept: the source of development is innovation

    Service concept: being responsible for our consumers is to be responsible for our enterprise, and the same for ourselves.

    13.Wealthy concept: wit gains small, virtue wins all.

    14.Resources concept: integrating and developing resources

    15.Disinterestedness concept: be good and do right

    16.Duty concept: (1)Leading cadre: performance fulfill the career, character spread force (2)Middle-level cadre: victory leads all , benefits tells all. (3)Ordinary staff: love enterprise , work diligently , be honest and kindFactory meaning: exploring in development and developing in exploration.

  • Basic requirement for etiquette:

    1.appearance: dress neatly and gracefully ,behave with good manners etiquette: smile with dignity

    3.meeting etiquette: be punctual and listening carefully , speak out suggestions while having meeting, and take action after meeting activity etiquette: integrate into the group ,being civilized and polite

    5.communicate etiquette: be strongly passionate ,behave naturally

  • our maxim

    making contribution but not pursuing poverty

    Following the rules with flexibility

    Seeking enterprise profits with staff benefits


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